"How much money did you save to start your own jewellery making business?"

"How much money did you save to start your own jewellery making business?"

Welcome to my second ever 'Ask Me Anything' blog post, where you ask the questions and I answer open and honest like we're two pals catching up over a coffee, and this time you wanted to know...

"How much money did you save to start your own jewellery making business?"

DIY silversmithing tool checklist for less than £200

I saved absolutely nothing and I spent less than £200 on my basic set-up.

Sounds crazy right? Truth is I had no idea I was going to fall so hard for jewellery making after my first class, so I didn't have a chance to even think about saving!

At the end of that first class (read my journey to jewellery making here) I dipped into some savings I had put aside for my campervan conversion and bought a handful of basic tools to starting making jewellery at home.

I know that working with silver seems like this mystical process reserved for the traditionally trained with a proper workshop, that's exactly how I felt before that first class! But if you're a simplicity lover like me it really is possible to get started with next to nothing.

OK so I've gathered up a few extra bits over the years as my needs grew, but the initial handful of tools I bought I still use every single day. 

My simple DIY jewellery making set-up has served me well over the last couple of years. It's minimal enough to have allowed me the freedom to travel and earn on the move, but substantial enough to work as an everyday jewellery making set-up now I'm stationary and it's the exact set-up the people on my workshops will be using to make their own silver rings.

Today silver ring making workshop in Leeds

My silver ring making workshop set-up.

Less than £200 worth of tools got Today off the ground and now I'm starting a new chapter in my business in offering workshops, I've just made the biggest financial investment so far...and bought multiples of the exact tool list I started with.

I can't help but find that weirdly funny. I've come full circle back to exactly where I started and I can't wait to share with people how simple it can actually be if you're a simplicity lover like me.

Still finding it hard to believe you could have a go at silversmithing yourself at home without forking out a fortune?

Download the exact tool checklist that got Today off the ground for FREE HERE!

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