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How to find out your ring size (or someone elses!)

How to find out your ring size (or someone elses!)

It's actually not as tricky as you might think to find out your ring size at home.

As for the sneaky present buyers out there who want to buy the ring lover in their life something special, there's even a way you find out someone else's ring size without them ever knowing!

In all honesty I'm going to cover myself and say right up front, if you're planning on spending a small fortune on a flash ring, please do go and get measured properly at a jewellers, or at the very least try get your hands on one of these 'proper' ring size measuring contraptions...

How to find out your ring size (or someone elses)

Chances are you're not going to own one of these unless you're the crafty type, so let me share with you a couple of simple ways you find out your ring size from the comfort of your own home.

The second is the one you want to see if you're the sneaky present buyer ;)


1. Buy a belt style ring sizer

I personally think that buying one of these is the most accurate way to measure your ring size from home.

It acts like a cable tie and you just close it until you get a snug fit (make sure you can get it back off over your knuckle!) and the arrow points to your UK size. Easy!

Once you have it you can keep it and use it over and over, and lend it to a pal when they're in the same predicament.

Buy yours here!

How to find out your ring size with a belt ring sizer

2. Measure the inside diameter of an existing ring

If you know the inside diameter of a ring you (or the person you are buying for!) already wears then you can find out the ring size from that!

Just lay your ring on top of a steel ruler and read the inside measurement in millimetres.

The inside diameter of this example is 17.5mm which makes this ring a UK 'O'.

Easy right?

How to find out someone elses ring size


Now you know your ring size (or the size of the ring you know will fit someone else) you are ring buying ready!

Before I started making jewellery I had no idea what ring size I was and had no idea it was so simple to find out!

It's probably for the best or I would have had an even bigger silver ring obsession than I already do...


Where can I get one of the adjustable ring sizers?

You can get yours here.

Where do I convert the inside diameter I measured to a ring size?

Check out this ring size chart.

Where do I find out the sizes available?

Today rings come in 3 standard sizes which are listed on each individual product listing and are as below:

  • Small - UK L
  • Medium - UK N
  • Large - UK P

What if the size I need isn't listed?

Get in touch to hello@madebytoday.com to request a custom size.

What if I'm not confident about my measurement?

You could always go for an adjustable ring which can be tweaked to fit just right.


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