Today. Formerly Searlait McCrea Jewellery.

Today. Formerly Searlait McCrea Jewellery.

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My very first blog post after what seems like an eternity of keeping this big announcement under wraps, but FINALLY I can shout it to the world, that from now on I will be trading as Today.

If you never knew me in my old life, you'll be thinking 'Oh. OK. That means nothing to me...' so I'll fill you in on why this change was very much needed, and how its going to make things sooo much better from now on!

My name is Séarlait McCrea. I'm the designer/maker/one woman show behind Today, and up until recently (well, this morning to be exact) I have been trading as 'Searlait McCrea Jewellery'.

I'm sure you'll agree, that sure isn't the easiest of names to remember, let alone recommend, so I felt it was important to make the jump sooner rather than later, to something that I could shout to the world, instead of cringing when someone asks what my website is. The struggle was real!

So if you are reading this and are a little confused because you bought a beautiful sparkling silver piece in a shop, typed the website on the packaging straight into the browser on your phone to make a mental wish list of what you might treat yourself to next, and ended up here...don't worry, you're in the right place and have not gone mad!

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