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Today has a new HQ!

Today has a new HQ!

If you've been following Todays journey for a while you might know that this little business was born on top of a chest of drawers in a living room, then upgraded to the back of a campervan, then finally found a 'proper' set-up in my spare bedroom in January 2018 with a desk to work from and everything! (Find out more about my first year in business here and how I got into jewellery making here.)

In August I moved out of my spare bedroom and into my very own studio in Aire Street Workshops Leeds, where I have space to make and to host my workshops! I honestly never thought I'd be in a position to move into my own studio, and it has been pretty busy over the last couple of months (hence the radio silence in terms of blog posts!) trying to find my feet balancing jewellery, workshops and setting up the studio, but I'm so so happy to have a Today HQ and here it is...

Today Studio LeedsPhotograph by Jo Crawford

It looks a little big for little old me right? I mean how much space do you need to make jewellery and host workshops? Well that's where this new studio gets very exciting, because it's not only a place for me to host my workshops, I've set the space up as a creative workshop venue where you can attend top notch creative classes hosted by other awesome indie makers too!

Visit the Today Studio website here to find out more about the space, and you can see the upcoming workshops here.

This is a whole new world for me as I find my feet setting up a Bricks and Mortar creative space in the heart of Leeds City Centre, and I'm so thankful for your support, without which I would never be in this position.

Creative studio space Leeds City Centre

Today Studio Leeds

Jewellery Making Workshop at Today Studio Leeds

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