Charity Black Friday Sale

Charity Black Friday Sale

Today Jewellery Christmas Presents

Photograph by Holly Booth

⭐️ I'm trying to raise £500 to help the homeless this Christmas ⭐️

⭐️ Alternative Black Friday Charity Sale (on Instagram Stories ONLY) ⭐️

⭐️ 50% of every sale is donated to Crisis, the homelessness Charity ⭐️

⭐️ Samples - Seconds - End of Line - One Offs ⭐️

⭐️ Friday 23rd Nov (Black Friday) ⭐️



It’s Séarlait here. The one woman show behind Today.

Guess what? January will be my big 1st birthday for my business! I want to put a big old full stop at the end of my first year by trying to raise £500 to donate to Crisis the homelessness charity, and I would love your help.

I’m planning a Black Friday Sale with a difference. I will be selling off some samples, seconds, and one off pieces from the past year over on my Instagram Stories, and 50% of each sale will go directly to help the homeless this Christmas.

Why? Because I know first hand that Christmas is not always as magical as the Coca-Cola advert makes us believe, and in my very privileged position to do so, I would like to help how I can.

Some people don’t have to think twice, and slip back into their safety net of home without a thought but what snack to over indulge on next. As the adult child of a ‘broken home’ (to round it all up into a nicely digestibly phrase) who moved away for grasses greener as soon as I could to get far away from the pain I once associated with family, the holiday season felt less about sharing and caring, and more about grieving and guilt for many years.

I know what it feels like to be in a family torn apart by painful shared experience, unable to process the deep individual and very different hurt felt by everyone, but who wordlessly in love, all tentatively begin to pick up bricks, and start slowly rebuilding the relationships from ground zero.

This year I am taking a generous Christmas holiday (perks of being your own boss), so I can spend a couple of weeks back home, rather than a fleeting few days, and I am so excited. For years we’ve all been slowly building and something that resembles ‘home’ (a kind of dysfunctional and charming with all it’s flaws type building) has taken shape!

Now those of you who know me or my work, will know I’m a simplicity seeker, and I’m a big advocate of enjoying the simple things that bring you pleasure. It is only very recently however, and specifically through growing a business and looking more inwardly into my ‘why’, I unravelled a thread that led me to a very simple conclusion that has taken a looooong while to reach….

That perhaps the simplest enjoyment of all that I’ve been seeking, is to feel at home with family.

It’s an actual Christmas miracle! But you know what. For a lot of people Christmas is still an uncomfortable time. Where everyone else’s happiness weights heavy on your own struggle to find joy, however that looks for you. Hopefully, even those with personal battles will find some comfort cuddled up cosy at home over Christmas.

But for thousands of people, there is no home to go to any night of the year, with Christmas being no exception.

Which is why this year, on the biggest spending day of the year (the UK spent £1.39 billion on online sales alone last Black Friday!), I am asking for your help in trying to raise £500 to donate to the Make it Crisis this Christmas appeal.

Every £28.18 raised will reserve a place for one homeless person over Christmas, to receive hot meals, an opportunity to get cleaned up, medical and dental care, a bed for the night if they need it, advice and most importantly an outstretched hand to help them pick up a brick and start slowly re-building if they are able to. 

I don't find it all that hard to imagine how you could end up in a place you never thought you would be. But I cannot even begin to imagine having absolutely nowhere to go for Christmas.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you will help if you can.




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