About Searlait

Portrait of Searlait from Today jewellery

Hello I'm Séarlait.

I'm a Northern Irish lass living in Yorkshire who has always loved thinking about things, hows they’re made, and how we connect with them. My favourite way to over think things is with a long coffee in one hand and a good book in the other.

I enjoy the simple things, like being outdoors, cuddling animals, making things, and meeting nice people and if money was no object I'd split my time between being an eternal Art College student (I dreadfully miss my days at Leeds Arts University) and running a coastal campsite/creative retreat/animal rescue. Fancy investing?

Torn between the need to make and a loathing of excess, Today was born.
My jewellery making journey began on an evening course, followed by 6 months spent making jewellery on the move from the back of a campervan, before coming back to the UK and settling back in Yorkshire in the beautiful Saltaire.
For a year and a half I worked from my spare bedroom before setting up Today Studio in Leeds City Centre this August! Find out more about that here!

I'm gonna let you in on a big secret that I'm pretty sure I shouldn't say out loud but screw it, my favourite bit about running a business is the people I get to connect with through it...
"WHAT your favourite bit isn't the jewellery?!"
Of course I love the products, but it's the people that really makes it worth while, so I'm extending you an invitation...

If you too are a simplicity seeker, I'd love for us to become mailing list mates so we can properly get to know each other (in the most non creepy way possible).

You in? Leave me your email address in the box below and I'll get you signed up!