What is Today?

Today is a modern jewellery brand that believes in the beauty of honest, simple and sustainable design. Find out more here.

In what way are Today products sustainable?

Today products are designed and made to be as ethical, eco friendly and sustainable as possible in the following ways:


All Today jewellery made from silver is made from solid recycled silver also known as 'Eco Silver'. Eco Silver is an eco friendly alternative to Sterling Silver as it is not mined from source, rather it is melted and re-worked from existing silver products, like cutlery and other silverware.


The majority of recycled silver pieces are made from wire, which means that lengths that make up components are cut exactly to size, with no waste.

Where recycled materials are not used (Brass and Copper pieces), the pieces are designed in such a way to maximise the use of the sheet material, and any awkward waste pieces are used to make Off Cut studs so nothing goes to waste.


All pieces are made by hand to order so that only what is needed is used.

We are working towards using only natural ingredients in the making process. Today pieces are pickled/cleaned in a mixture of salt and vinegar instead of an industry standard chemical pre-polishing, and we are working on more natural solutions to other processes.


All today packaging is 100% recyclable and everything bar the outer envelope layer, and label paper is made from recycled paper stock.

What is Eco Silver?

Recycled/Eco Silver is an eco-friendly alternative to Sterling Silver made from 100% recycled silver. This means it is scrap silver re-melted and re-formed, maintaining all the usual characteristics and quality you associate with Sterling Silver.

With an abundance of silver to recycle, it's a no brainer!

I have sensitive ears. Can I wear Today earrings?

All earrings posts and scroll backs are made from solid Sterling Silver which is non-reactive and so perfect for sensitive ears.

How should I care for my jewellery?

All Brass and Copper pieces have been protected with a skin safe clear lacquer to slow down the tarnishing process.

Silver jewellery is left untreated and will naturally tarnish over time.

The process is largely dependant on the habits of the wearer so here are a few tips to help you keep your silver jewellery looking tip top:

  • Avoid direct contact with things like hairspray, lotions and perfume (always put your jewellery on last!).
  • Take your jewellery off when swimming, showering or washing.
  • The best way to slow down the tarnishing process it to keep your jewellery in a jewellery box or air tight pouch. The gift box it came in is a good place to keep it!
  • Looking a little grubby? Wash your piece with luke warm soapy water and a soft bristled toothbrush. Dry throughly afterwards to avoid spotting.
  • A polishing cloth is your best friend! Give your piece a little buff regularly to stop tarnish building up.

How will my piece be packaged?

Today pieces come gift giving ready in branded recycled and recyclable gift boxes that also make the perfect storage solution to slow down tarnishing.