I know trying something new can be daunting, but I promise you my workshops are aimed at complete novices and you CAN do it, but most importantly you will ENJOY it.

Fun, friendly, and super informal. I promise you in just a few hours you'll go from zero experience, to completing a silver ring that will make you want to burst with pride, that you can wear and enjoy everyday forever.

Don't take my word for it, here's what some past workshop attendees had to say about the experience and some photos of their actual creations...

Silver rings made at Today workshop


Before the workshop I was worried about being out of my comfort zone, using tools I'd never heard of let alone seen before! Séarlait was so calm, confident and caring which put me straight at ease. At the end of the workshop I felt so blimmin proud! This gave me a proper confidence boost to see that 'I can do it"!


Before this workshop I hadn't even managed to make a friendship bracelet before, so the idea of going from zero experience to making a piece of jewellery felt like a huge leap! At the end of the workshop I felt so proud! I'm loving how impressed people are that I made it.

Ring made on silver ring making workshop Leeds


Before the workshop I was worried it would be way too complicated and I wouldn't be able to do it. My worries were absolutely put at ease during. Séarlait was a brilliant teacher. She encouraged us to do things on our own but was also supportive when we needed a bit more guidance. I felt so happy with what I'd created and loved learning a new skill.


Séarlait is a wonderful teacher! I found her to be calm, patient and generous with her skills and knowledge. But crucially I felt she didn't take herself too seriously and really engendered in her students a sense that we were all very capable! I left feeling inspired, very gratified and amazed with the result!

Ring made on silver ring making workshop Leeds


At the end of the workshop I felt so proud! I had slight anxiety about meeting new people and was worried about struggling with the task. My concerns were completely put at ease. Séarlait was so friendly and welcoming and made me feel relaxed enough to enjoy learning something new and meeting new people. I am not a very hands on/creative person but I was so pleased with the end result!


I LOVE my ring, I can't stop looking at it and showing it to everyone! I was worried I'd be a bit nervous and wouldn't be able to do it, but the atmosphere was super relaxed and Séarlait made me feel like there wasn't anything that could really go that wrong. I really loved Séarlaits 'not taking it all too seriously' attitude to jewellery making. I had a lovely time.

Ring made on silver ring making workshop LeedsShona

At the end of the workshop I felt disbelief to be honest! But really proud of myself. I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up but all of the (many) questions I had were answered and repeated if necessary with calmness and patience. It was a lovely experience. It's definitely something I'd like to try again and it was lovely to meet new people.


I am so pleased with how my ring turned out! I almost can’t quite believe I started with a couple of bits of silver and now I have this. It’s so satisfying to look at it and remember the whole process. This was my first jewellery workshop and I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with others or that I just wouldn’t be able to make the ring at all! But Séarlait explained everything really well and was super encouraging with us all, which meant we could actually enjoy it as well as learn new skills.

Mothers day gift ring making workshop LeedsJess

Before the workshop I had loads of worries. That it was a new thing I'd never done before That I'd be rubbish at it. That I'd really struggle to use all the tools. That my ring wouldn't look anything like it was supposed to. But my worries were completely put at ease! It was really relaxed and a lot more accessible than I'd imagined. Séarlait was a really great teacher; she explained everything super clearly and was mega approachable (even though I think I asked loooads of quite obvious questions!!) and it was really clear how much she cared about everyone being proud of what they'd made! At the end of it I felt proper proud! I keep looking at my finger like "...as if I made that?!"

Ring made on silver ring making workshop Leeds

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